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“Every moment of your life can be the beginning of great things.”- Joseph Pilates

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Hello! Welcome! I am Ana Victoria Fridman, a certified Barre and Pilates Method teacher. I was a professional dancer for many years. I have always been on the move and in good physical condition. When I stopped dancing, I did not envision myself at a desk eight hours a day; it's not who I am. So I got certified in the method. I love Pilates, I practice it three times a week, and a witness and faithful believer of the benefits it brings to our lives; because we all want to feel good and be happy. Everybody wants to be a healthy “oldy”.


 ⚘ Lolita's Legacy

 ⚘ IRPA Argentina

 ⚘ Booty Barre

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If you have reached me, it is for any of the following reasons:
⚘ Because you practice the method
⚘ Because you like to exercise
⚘ Because you want to stay healthy
⚘ Because you want to improve some physical condition
⚘ Because the doctor recommended it
⚘ Because you have always been curious
They are all valid, and I am here to serve your needs.

My mission is to offer you a better quality of life through exercise and movement. I want you to feel happy after each session with me, so I promise to give my best and expect the same from you. It will be a commitment between us both!

I'm here for you.

Ana Victoria Fridman.

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Live classes and recorded content.

Live classes are filmed and uploaded to a video content library unlimited and accessible to all subscribers.

Running Shoes


Fun and energetic!

A choreographed movement class with a mix of dance, pilates, yoga, cardio, and strength training. Using props to spice things up, you’ll feel all the muscles in your body shaking afterwards! Let’s get ready to sweat💪🏻


Strengthen and lengthen

Find the benefits the Pilates method has to offer; strength, flexibility, coordination, and a healthy spine. Using a mat, we will be exploring the different exercises Mr. Pilates (Joe) left us, connecting our minds, body, and spirit!


High Intensity Interval Training

Challenge yourself with this high intensity, high calorie burn class! Try to do as many reps of the exercise in a given time interval, rest, and go to the next one. After a few classes you’ll see your cardio health improve!

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